Akensportsgroup.com Player Evaluations will help give you an accurate account of your strengths and weaknesses. As part of the evalation we will grade 3 films a win,loss and a rivalry game . as part of the package we will we will have a pre evaluation interview with you with the Scout/Coach then Evalution will be prepared and sent to you and then a Exit Evaluation. It will be sent to our Training Evalutions to our trainers so they have knowledge of you if you use one of our Facilities. Also we will send your Evaluation to all of our NFL Scout Contacts & CFL Contacts. With oir EVALUATIONS although there is no Guarantee if you don't have a Pro Day we will use our contacts to get you on or if you need a 2nd pro day we wiil try to get you in.

Ken Shaw

Cell : 1-310-422-5007

Email: aken.sportscompany@gmail.com


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